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Public Land for the Public Good!

We are a grassroots group of Berkeley residents concerned about the approach that BART is taking to develop housing at North Berkeley Station. We've been actively participating in the issue since 2017, communicating with BART, the City of Berkeley, and now the development team. We've made the case that housing at the site can be built affordable, green, and livable, at a scale that doesn't overwhelm  the low-rise community surrounding the station. Want to join our list? Email us and tell us what concerns you about how North Berkeley BART housing is developing.

Yes, Please!

This part of Berkeley, straddling railroad tracks, was originally known as the "Teachers' Tract" for its simple, affordable bungalows and 2-story houses. Let's build on that tradition: Let's build a 2- to 4-story village out of wood, with lots of first-class affordable units, not a steel and concrete, largely market-rate high-rise.


No, Thank You!

The figure at left shows the massing proposed by the developer team selected by BART, including a wall of 6- to 8-story buildings at the sidewalk along Sacramento Street. It's simply too big for the neighborhood.

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